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WOW.  This game really hit me in the feelings, it reads super true to life in terms of what my adolescence felt like. Fantastic writing. I really feel for the characters. Thank you for making this game. I'm still playing and I don't want the story to end.

Thank YOU for playing and for commenting! That really made our day💚

do y'all have plans for future games?

We do! Right now we’re adding some features to Terranova that weren’t in the original release (like being able to change the theming and wallpaper), but after that, we’ll be talking about which ideas we want to pick up to make future games… :)

excited to follow you and see what is next!

Also wanted to let you know, I think I found a bug unless I missed something somehow. I'm playing version 1.1.2 and don't seem to be able to end the month of November. I did all chats available to me (Sendaria and Cherry, Effie is away and it says 'i should find something else to do for now'), posted to Terranova and Tourmaline's blog and the gold highlight is around the start button seeming to indicate I could end the month, but it is greyed out.

forgot to mention - i reloaded the day from the autosave and it happened again


This game is just so deep, so amazing, so... just, wow. I started out really wanting to RP with an old friend--a feeling I really get--and then... I got SO invested in Cherry. Sendaria started out as someone I flattened my eyes at and wanted to just... mellow out... and then she reminded me of so many friends I knew that I really wanted to help make things better for... ahh all of the characters are great, and as a gal who would have had far too much gender dysphoria to rp in a setting like Terranova as a teen, being a part of it now was really something special.

Thank you for this game.



(I've been rambling about this everywhere, so you know this, but I also want anyone thinking "should I get this game?" to see this and buy it. BUY THIS GAME.)

I've been meaning to respond to your comment for a while now, but ahhh thank you so much for your overflowing love and support for our game.

It means SO MUCH to Mabbees and I. <3 I really have no words for how grateful we are. Thank you.

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[Maybe minor minor minor spoilers?}

....jesus, i dont even know what to say. I just finished the game, and man....masterpiece. The fact that i never had this phase, of IM, tumblr and long time roleplaying friends, and yet i feel so close to it, speaks a lot. I felt every single thing like i was in the character's skin, every up and down, every panic, every moment i played solitaire waiting for someone to message me, i felt i was genuinely T. I feel deeply connected to each character, as if they were my own friends(which hurts a bit, considering, well, everything). The story feels so real, so nicely written, the topics were handled so well, the art was so beautiful, and that ending....i cried a little bit. Thank you so much for this game. Every waiting moment for it to release was worth it. Thank you. Truly.  

Each of the girls are inspired by different aspects of my own friends. Some of them are still here, and some of them aren’t.

From my heart to yours, thank you for caring about them. Thank you for worrying about them. Thank you for crying for them.

It really does mean a lot to me. <3


Oh that's so nice! I also see aspects of my own friends in them, so its like the game is a puzzle, with yours, mine, and everybody's friends, all connected, being loved without even knowing  :)

Thank you for letting me meet a piece of them. <3

I hope you guys know you created a beautiful thing. :) <3

<3 <3 <3

I have never played a game that hit me in the childhood as hard as this one. The style, the writing, it all was beautiful and the stories told were so important and well done. Thank you for creating a game that made me feel so much, good and bad feels. o///o


Thank you so much for your touching comment. I'm really glad you enjoyed playing!

Could you write a bit more about the genders involeved in the interactions, friendships and romances? In the video I only see interactions between a girl and boys. Is this game LGBTQ-friendly?

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Hi Kenneth!

Thanks for your question. Yes, Terranova is LGBTQIA+ friendly. In fact, there are no heterosexual relationships in this game. (EDIT: There is one, but it’s very short-lived.) All the player characters identify as women, (Tourmaline, Cherrygoround, EphemeralSmile and Sendaria) and the fictional characters they play in the roleplay community are men (Eytan, Dominique, Isaiah, Hikaru).

Two of the characters canonically date in the story.

Throughout the course of the game, there’s several LGBTQIA+ themes explored; when does friendship become romance, wanting a different body than what you were born with, seeing other people in your age group gravitate towards romance and sex when you don’t have those desires. 

As for the specific relationships, those are some of the main plot points in the story so I won’t spoil them! ;)

Hi!! I was wondering if you were ever planning to port this over to linux? If not, no worries!


Hello! We want to, but neither of us have Linux environments to test on. If you or your friends are interested in helping us test the game on Linux, we can make a build for it. 💚

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Hi! I would love to test this :) Currently running Pop OS 21.10


Hello! Purchased the beta a couple hours ago. Hope my 5 dollars can help you guys in any way. Good luck! <3 :)


Thank you so much for your support! You made our day. 🥰 We’re hard at work on the full release, so please look forward to that late summer/early fall.

CJ & Matt

Definitely looking foward to it! Your game made me smile so much while i was playing, I apreciate you guys hard work. it brings truly joy. <3

Hi! I'm really interested in playing this game, but it costs 500 yen and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to pay for it with US dollars? Am I still able to get the game?


Hello and thanks for the comment!
Yes, you should still be able to get the game. I've also set the currency to USD—if you have any troubles buying it, feel free to reach out again.

awesome, thank you! I'll be getting the game asap ^-^

hello there! i've recently found this game and i found it to be very cute so far✨

i'm just wondering if i'm stuck or if the game ends there for now, nothing really happens after the main character posts their rp character on terranova. Was something suppose to happen or did I miss a prompt for the game to continue?

There's more game ahead--it's possible you missed a prompt somewhere, but I think it's more likely you ran into a programming bug  :O.  We'll look into it some more this week.

Thanks for checking out the game :)


Hi again! Just wanted to follow up on this. I can confirm that there was a bug in the game, and I also uploaded a new build of the game with a fix for it. When you're ready to play more, give the new build a try :)

Thanks again for reporting in! Your feedback has helped us make a better game 🌈

this is a absolutely awesome game premise but I have a quick question: wheres how do you find teranova after the opening chat with EphemeralSmile666? I'm clicking on everything and I cant figure out how to proceed! (I made the first limejournal post, so that aint it?)

Hello, and thanks for playing! EphemeralSmile should give you a link to the Terranova blog after she posts, “Just putting the last touches on the CSS... behold!”

If you can’t find it there, you should be able to find it by clicking on your Internet and then choosing it from the home page. (It should have a thumbnail of it)

Let me know if you have any questions!

so much text AAAAAA

I'm a bit over an hour in, its quite fun.

Thank you for playing and for your comment! Out of curiosity, you mentioned the text—we’re working on cutting down on the text as we want to show, not tell.

Any part of the game so far that stood out to you that could use less text?

The text isn't really a problem, but I guess, just the text in general.

this was so cute! i have such a huge soft spot for retro-styled games, and i was basically grinning the whole way through as i played—super excited to see where it goes from here!

Thank you so much for playing and for your kind words! Your comment made our day. Just you wait—we have some fun things planned around the corner.