You are a bunny.
You are going to a Halloween party.
You don't have a costume.
Quick, put something together before the party starts!

Made for the 2021 issue of Yesterweb's Hall-O-Zine, this quirky Web 1.0-style text adventure game features over seven (and one super rare!) bunny costumes for you to share and wear on your personal website. Once you get a costume, copy and paste the code in the snippet to share on your personal website.

...and remember, bun crimes, while cute, are still crimes.

If you do have a bunny costume on your personal site, please let me know in the comments and link to your website. I'd love to see it.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsbunny, costumes, Halloween, rabbit, Retro, Twine, yesterweb

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I have generated BUNNY COSTUMES with extreme prejudice! (And a little bit of crime.) But I am having trouble finding this SUPER RARE eighth costume! Any hints?

(I can tell from the PNGs that I've gotten 1-7 successfully.)

Great sleuthing, you criminal master detective!
One hint: if you're feeling lost and you already have all seven costumes, you may want to return to beginning of the game...


I have uncovered lost secrets of bunnitude! They were pretty rad.

Ironically, I got pretty close, (including trying to 'Undo' all the way to the start after getting all the costumes), but I must have done something wonky, before.

But, a fun little game! Certainly amusingly written. BUN MCCOOL would approve.

Thank you for playing! 


quick question how many people on the internet have their own personal website? this seems so 2010's

Good question! A growing number of people today are making their own personal websites and using webrings/link lists to form communities. An example of this is the Yesterweb Ring on Neocities.


who uses neo cities in 2020?, it would be more believable if said they did that on tumblr, at least you would have bigger chance of people actually seeing what you do


Hands down the best bunny costume simulator I've ever played.