Patch notes for v2.0.0

Hello fans and new players!

We are pleased to announce version 2.0.0 of Terranova. This version was the result of a long, hard month of debugging.

The biggest change in this version is that for players who have Terranova in their Steam library, you can now unlock achievements in Steam. If you're playing exclusively on itch*, this won't matter much, but there are some minor changes as well. Full list of changes below:

- Achievements unlockable through Steam
- Fixed some typos in the story
- Fixed the LJ blog icons in unlockable posts

Your friendly neighborhood devs,

CJ and Mabbees

* PS: you're also our favorite players <3 <3

Files 160 MB
Version 4 Sep 08, 2023
terranova Setup 2.0.0.exe 138 MB
Version 4 Sep 08, 2023
terranova-2.0.0.AppImage 162 MB
Version 3 Sep 08, 2023

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