Terranova Featured in Famitsu, Denfamico Gamer and Indie Tsushin

Holy cow, we're on Famitsu Japan!

October was a big month for us. Back in September we announced that Terranova's demo version had been translated into Japanese by Kimitaka Ogawa. Ogawa-san worked on Coffee Talk and A Space for the Unbound. In the few days after our release, we were featured in Denfamico Gamer, and shortly after, we were on the front page of Famitsu Japan.

We are so thankful to Ogawa-san, to the folks at Indie Tsushin, and to our loyal fans who flooded our Japanese itch.io page with support. <3 Never did we think Terranova would garner this much attention. We're humbled and grateful.

Famitsu Japan

We're on Famitsu Japan?!

Indie Tsushin talks with us about our "dark history"

CJ here. One of the things I've been enjoying in recent coverage of Terranova is the acknowledgement of both the player, and our, collective "dark history" (黒歴史) as cringey teens on the internet. mabbees and I did our first interview as a studio for the October issue of Indie Tsushin.

For anyone who roleplayed on BBS, AIM, Livejournal, Skype, Discord...I see you. It's a fun interview, I think you'd like it.

See the full interview on Indie Tsushin here.

Indie Tsushin's promotes indie games from Japan. You should check them out.

Help us translate Terranova

We're going to translate Terranova in five parts. Part One has been translated and is up on itch.io.  All sales of the game from here on out are going into funding Part Two. In Terranova game time, that's January~April 2004.

At time of writing, we are already at 14% of our goal for Part Two, and 3% towards the full game translation.  We're on the lookout for publishers that can help us out, but failing that, we're relying on crowdfunding.

Please help us translate the next part by donating and spreading the word. Your support means the world to us. 

Your friendly neighborhood devs,
CJ & mabbees

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