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New Project: Terranova Side Stories
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Mabbees and I are so thankful to those of you who've been supporting us through this gamedev journey. To be honest, we didn't k...
Terranova Featured in Famitsu, Denfamico Gamer and Indie Tsushin
Holy cow, we're on Famitsu Japan! October was a big month for us. Back in September we announced that Terranova's demo version had been translated into Japanese...
Terranova at the Gayming Live Indie Festival
Exciting news everyone💚 We’re appearing at the Gayming Live Indie Festival! From Sept 30 - Oct 14, we’ll be appearing alongside other LGBTQ+ Indies in a...
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Patch notes for v2.0.0
Hello fans and new players! We are pleased to announce version 2.0.0 of Terranova. This version was the result of a long, hard month of debugging. The biggest c...
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New Wallpaper Pack DLC!
New Wallpaper Pack DLC! Previously only offered as a "thank you" to folks who helped us out on the game, we now have an extra DLC: for a few dollars more, you c...
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Terranova: One Year Anniversary Edition
Terranova: One Year Anniversary Edition Can you believe it's already been a year? In celebration for Terranova's one-year anniversary, we've made some major gam...
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We’ve been asked by many players for a Linux version of Terranova, and we’re proud to announce it here on! A HUGE thank you to our Linux QA testers...
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Patch notes v1.2.0
Hello fans and new players! We are pleased to announce our first bugfix patch; we've been testing hard to make sure we got all of the issues folks had been cont...
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Welcome to the Terranova forum! If this is your first time here, please...

We also have an 18+ Discord where we do a casual, ongoing roleplay.


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2) Be courteous and use content warnings. The game contains mention of depression, suicide, and eating disorders, which means it may trigger unwelcome memories. If you're about to talk about something involving depression, suicide, eating disorders, etc. let people know. We're all human at the other end of the keyboard, so if you've had a bad day, we get it—add warnings first before spilling so people can choose whether or not they want to interact with your message.

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Hi y'all! 👋 Say hello here.
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Thanks for stopping by! Please report any bugs you find in the game here, and we will respond back as soon as we are abl...
started by illuminesce Aug 02, 2023
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Hi, I am thinking to buy this game, since I love games that simulate operating systems and the internet to narrate a per...
started by Aug 07, 2023
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