[Update] New, Original Art!

Due to the very hard work of our fantastic artists, we're excited to announce that as of now, Terranova has completely new, updated art for our Limejournal icons, chat icons and wallpapers. The new art has really brought to life the game, and we can't thank you enough.

Cherry and Tourmaline Chatting

Getting durnk with your new friend.
The wallpaper we're featuring here is from the talented Coffeshere. Icons from Sharky and Natalie G. Jackson.  

The blogs have also gotten an update too, so now we are color coordinating each of the girls to a specific color (Tourmaline = blue, Cherry = red, Ephemeralsmile = purple, Sendaria = pink) so you can see at a glance whose Limejournal you're reading.

Sendaria's Blog

Reading Sendaria's Limejournal.
Thank you to Carolina H. Santi and Coffeshere for the icons.

There are two icons we still need art for, so if you happen to either draw gothic lolita fashion or 90's anime style, please get in contact with us.

Team Chatt (CJ & Matt)

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