[Update] Group Chats are LIVE!

Did you miss us? We missed you. We've got a few new things for you as we hunker down working on the beta release.

New! Group Chats

What could be better than chatting your friends online? Chatting them all at once, that's what.

Group Chats in Terranova

We have plans to use the group chat for large-scale roleplay scenes between the player character Tourmaline and her friends, Cherry, EphemeralSmile and Sendaria. You'll get to experience this type of roleplay in the Terranova beta this fall. We're currently working on this as well as working on the writing as the story has significantly expanded since we built the first version of the alpha earlier this year.

We're a small indie game, so we were excited to be part of #PitchYaGame's "Top 40 Under-discovered Games" tweet earlier this week. If you know someone who would really love the nostalgia of Terranova, please share freely. Word of mouth is our best friend. <3

Want to do art for Terranova?

Huge thanks to all the artists who we've commissioned for the wallpapers. We've been really impressed by the artists we've worked with so far. More beautiful wallpapers will be coming soon in the future for you to choose your favorite as you're playing. Are you interested in being commissioned by us for Terranova and do cute, pastel magical-girl art? We're looking for an artist to work with on one of our in-game wallpapers. Please reach out to CJ via Twitter if you'd like to work with us.

Join our Discord!

We have a Discord for folks who want to chat, interact directly with us and get a sneak peek of the game. Join our Discord and say hello!

We'll see you in two weeks!

Your friendly devs,


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