Terranova: Alpha 5 released

Hello friends,

I don't have a lot of fanfare to go with this update, because there's not much noticeably new in the game this time around, but I've uploaded a new build of Terranova with some bugfixes.

Of note is a fix for a bug that has the potential to block you from making progress in the game (many thanks to screaminghead for reporting it!).  It seemed serious enough that I wanted to put out a fix sooner rather than later, so here we are slightly off from our usual release schedule.

Until next time, happy RPing!

Your friendly devs,



terranova Setup 1.0.1-5.exe 72 MB
Version 4 Sep 23, 2020
terranova-1.0.1-5.dmg 90 MB
Version 4 Sep 23, 2020

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