Pricing Updates to Terranova and $5 Beta Access!

Hello everyone!

We're excited to wrap up the writing for Terranova beta and move into QA testing! Huge thanks to the folks on our Discord and those who pointed out some bugs we squished last week.  🐜

Currently, the alpha is available for free. We believe in only charging money when we can proudly say we're happy with the quality of work we're giving to our players. We're soon approaching the release of the more-polished, higher quality beta. So to be transparent about what our plans are for beta, we're announcing our plans for pricing updates.

PricingStory ProgressionApprox. Gameplay HoursDLC
Alpha (we are here!)FreeOctober 2003~December 2003~1 1/2 hoursNo
Beta Access (Fall 2020)$5October 2003~April 2004 (+4 months)~3 hoursNo
Full Release (Winter 2020~Early 2021)$9.99October 2003~February 2005 (full planned story)~6+ hoursOptional downloadable wallpapers

Beta access will be available for $5, which will include the full game when it comes out. After the game is released, the planned price will be $9.99.

Our decision to charge for early access is not about being rich. CJ works full-time and spends their nights and weekends on Terranova and Matt works full-time on the game. We have one income, and use it to pay our artists and collaborators fairly as well as live modestly. If we do get monetary support, it will allow at least one of us to remain full-time working on games, which would both speed up our release time for Terranova and give us space to continue making cool things.

If you have $5 to send our way, please consider purchasing our beta in the future. We'll release a Ko-Fi link as well when the beta goes live.

Thank you as always for your continued support! If you'd like to chat us directly, please follow CJ on Twitter or consider joining our Discord.

Your friendly neighborhood devs,

CJ & Matt

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