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Hello folks, we've been rather radio-silent here on Our last update here was about our FujoCon panel--my goodness, almost a year ago! If you haven't been keeping in touch with us on other parts of the web (such as our homepage, our livestreams on Twitch, or our Discord), well... you'd be forgiven for assuming Terranova was stagnant.

Rest assured dear roleplayers, our development continues. We've been busy adding more story chapters, more things to do, and more polish to Terranova. A few recent additions are multiple save slots as well as an autosave feature, and a new solitaire app.

But enough about new features, you saw the post title -- Terranova is coming soon. How soon? Our release date is April 22, 2022EDIT: our release has been pushed back by one week to April 29, 2022.

Once the full game launches, it will sell for $20.04 (USD). Just a friendly reminder that you can get the game for the early-access price of $5.00 (USD) until then.

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