Patch notes v1.2.0

Hello fans and new players!

We are pleased to announce our first bugfix patch; we've been testing hard to make sure we got all of the issues folks had been contacting us about.

This patch fixes:

  • issues with chats being locked, preventing progress in the game
  • an issue where the game sometimes locks when loading a save
  • the game going BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) when certain options were chosen
  • drag and drop issues with Solitaire
  • typos

Thank you to everyone who contacted us to let us know about the bugs. A very special thank you to players who fought through the bugs and still gave us so much love despite the issues.

We hope it's all smooth sailing from here, but if you do still run into bugs while playing, we'd like to know about them. Leave us a comment!

Your friendly neighborhood devs,

CJ and Mabbees


terranova-1.2.0.dmg 160 MB
Version 2 Nov 22, 2022
terranova Setup 1.2.0.exe 138 MB
Version 2 Nov 22, 2022

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