New Wallpaper Pack DLC!

Four wallpapers of characters of the game Terranova.

New Wallpaper Pack DLC!

Previously only offered as a "thank you" to folks who helped us out on the game, we now have an extra DLC: for a few dollars more, you can download all nine wallpapers that are used in-game for your own desktop background. 

If you want the wallpapers without buying the game, they are available for purchase (wallpapers only) at our Ko-Fi shop.

Please note: These wallpapers are *for personal desktop background use only.* If we see you using these as assets in your game, we will ask you to take them down.

If you like the wallpaper styles, please consider commissioning the original artists. Their contact info will be included in the README file of the wallpaper pack.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support. <3

Your friendly neighborhood devs,
CJ and mabbees

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Aug 02, 2023 162 MB
Version 2 Jul 02, 2023

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