Terranova: One Year Anniversary Edition

Terranova: One Year Anniversary Edition

Can you believe it's already been a year?

In celebration for Terranova's one-year anniversary, we've made some major game updates that we hope you'll enjoy. Buckle in, it's going to be a long one.

Silver Mode UI and Wallpaper Customization

First up, are a couple new settings.

You can now pick your desktop wallpaper from any of the wallpapers you’ve unlocked in the story so far. You can also set your UI to silver mode — you know, so your friends will know what a 1337 h4x0r you are.

Chat window and settings that shows silver mode in the new interface.

So l33t.

New Wallpapers and In-Game Achievements

There are three endings in the game: bad, neutral, and perfect. One theme we noticed was that players were getting the neutral ending and wondering if there was "more" to the game.

There is! With this update, you’ll unlock a new achievement and a new wallpaper with each ending you clear. We've collaborated with planetsandmagic, Céli (pianta on tumblr), and Rainy Studios for our special "ending" wallpapers, so please look forward! There are also achievements for story branches you may have missed, and of course, for solitaire bragging rights.

Screenshot of two windows—achievements and settings.

Achievements and changing the wallpaper now unlocked!

Updates to Cherry's Blog

Cherry draws. A lot. We thought it would be fun to add in more illustrations from Cherry into her blog—especially around her and Tourmaline.

Screenshot of LimeJournal, with a picture of two men kissing.

Cherry now has new illustrations in her blog and the Terranova blog

Updates to Sendaria's Blog and Chats

It has come to my attention through feedback from players that Sendaria's route, in particular in reference to her eating disorder—were not handled well. Tourmaline's character is meant to be somewhat insensitive and unaware—but parts of the game crossed the line. I am sorry to players, especially those struggling with a very real disorder, who saw this exchange as reflective of being dismissive of their own struggles.

I've rewritten parts of Sendaria's story to give a window into her life in Japan and family life. I've also rewritten some of the exchanges between her and Tourmaline towards the end of the game. Overall, I've been happy to spend more time in Sendaria's world and show the player a bit more of her fears and uncertainties.

Two windows, one a chat and one a blog. Sendaria's chat says, "I think I'm sick."

Sendaria's story has been redone--and also, players can receive a happy ending with her if they choose certain options.

And one last thank you to our players...

We wanted to thank the players who have written us on Discord, itch, and Steam with kind words of support and feedback. In this past year, we have felt the pressure to get our game out to more people, to be more big and more polished just like bigger studios. One learning we've had is that we can't do that. Not only from a resource perspective, but commoditization of our game makes us faceless. We don't want that.

From a marketing perspective, we really appreciate retweets, shares and offers to appear in bundles. It helps us spread the word!

From a personal perspective, when we read comments or hear about word of mouth referrals, ("I shared this with my friends/my sister/my partner!") that really motivates us and gets us excited to work on more games.

Thank you always for your kind words and support.

Your friendly neighborhood devs,

CJ & mabbees


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